Ally Berry - Spoiled Rotten
Bruno likes to treat all his girls like they are queens, especially Ally who he loves so dearly. After getting home from a long day at work, Bruno is greeted by Ally flaunting all of the things she bought today with his money while treating him like a piece of shit. He tries to look past it. Ally steps out to vent, leaves her phone on the couch, and Bruno gets a glimpse at a text thread between her and a friend. Turns out this bitch is a complete gold digger and doesnt give one shit about Bruno. This is a no no, and Bruno is furious

Hot new scene featuring the incredibly hot new 20 year old Latina starlet Ally Berry aka Nikki woods/Nicki woods.

The scene features deep throat and rough sex in a variety of positions, with a red dress and heels being kept on for most of the scene, it ends in a facial.

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