Amadahy, Kendall and Noe - Humiliate Ugly Dork (Part 1)

Amadahy, Kendall and Noe have kept a scrawny, ugly, dork in their house for their own amusement. That doesn’t mean they actually like the dork or want to go out with it. One night, it actually has the nerve to ask if it can go with the Princesses to the bar. Eww! Who would ever want to be seen with it?! Never would one hot Princess, let alone three. No way! This dork deserves whats coming to him. Stripped naked and in chastity, the Princesses toss the ugly between them like a hot potato. Nobody even wants to touch him. They make the scrawny dweeb crawl around and kiss their heels. It does so and licks the Princesses shoes. The Princesses gang up and make the dork lick the bottom of Noe’s heels. Next, it licks Kendall’s. Amadahy reminds the dweeb how hot her boyfriend is as it sucks on her heels. The dweeb is instructed to take off Amadahy’s leather shoes and worship her feet.

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