Ashley Fires - Panty Sniffer Gets Fucked

Lance is fresh out of a break up. His old friend Ashley Fires let him move into her spare room while he gets back on his feet. While he thinks she’s gone, he creeps into her room and she quickly catches him sniffing her panties and touching himself. She’s shocked, but mostly just teases him about being a panty sniffer. “Is that why she left you? Where you sniffing her panties too? [giggle]”
Lance tries to save face, but Ashley threatens to tell everyone they know if he doesn’t put on her panties and crotchless pantyhose. This escalates into Lance in a corset and lingerie, getting teased while Ashley makes him twirl around for her and she puts lipstick on him.
After humiliating him and taking a few pics for further blackmail, she tells him there’s one more thing she always wanted to do to him…

Ashley returns with a big strap on dildo and makes him suck it. She bends him over, smacks his ass and puts it in him. She fucks to good, Lance is quickly moaning and begging her for more. She makes him ride her while she tells him she’s going to keep him as her new best “Girlfriend” and turn him into a huge cock sucking, dick riding slut until he blows a huge load all over her tits.

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