Backroom Casting Couch - Katie
So do you want to hear about the new couch we got, or the ambush interracial threeway? Couch? Ok, we got a new couch. The end. Now on to the threeway: 24 yo Katie loves gay porn and giving blowjobs “I’m really good at them”, she brags. You decide if she’s right – she gets to suck TC’s cock AND JD’s black python. She just doesn’t know it yet. Not that she minds, you’ll actually witness Katie fall in love with TC right there in the office and she doesn’t really process that he’s telling her that another dude is going to come join them in a moment. Katie does need a moment to compose herself when she realizes that aforementioned dude is a black cock god as tall as a house. She asks to suck TC off first. We’d call that racist but it’s clear she’s just really into TC. If you somehow miss her googly eyes at TC, watch her pussy cream up when he fucks her and it all makes sense. Katie enjoys the attention from the two men but her tiny pussy is simply no match for JD’s huge cock. She does get off once or twice getting fucked by him but generally she looks like it’s way too much for her. But then again, can’t really tell if she’s in pain or cumming. She makes the same faces either way. Anal ain’t happening at all, you’ll see why. JD shoots his cum load so deep inside her, almost no jizz escapes that curvy girl’s womb. Thanks to TC’s ridiculously massive and seemingly never-ending cumshot to her face and in her mouth though there’s plenty jizz footage anyway. This is a pretty intense casting that surprised and delighted all parties involved. BTW, looks like a lot of girls just won’t be able to handle JD’s big cock in their asses. So in a case like that, what other positions or crazy shit do you guys want to see? No, JD won’t be in every shoot, but if our buddy’s in town, we’d like to see him join in every once in a while. Cool?

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