Brooke Banner - Interracial Massage
It’s Brooke’s first appointment at Interracial Massage Inc. and she made the fauxpas of keeping her panties and bra on while waiting.
Luckily Isiah is a true professional and takes them off her immediately, then starts rubbing massage oil over her back, ass, legs and feet.
He rubs and fingers her pussy until it’s visibly wet and the instinctively grabs his crotch in search of some big black cock, hidden in his sweatpants.
Once the dick is out of the pants however, the massage pretense goes out the window and for the rest of the scene they fuck all over the massage table with only some brief stops for Brooke to lick her pussyjuice from Isiah’s cock and balls.
We should have seen it coming.
In fact we do, at the end, when he cums on her pussy.

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