Chrissy Curves (Nata Lee) - 4-way MMF Anal
Chrissy Curves shows off some of the sweetest cheeks and thighs in the biz. She has a nice deep ass crack that begs to serve as a hand or cock warmer.

She starts off solo…first with fingers and then with a black dildo. She buries the dildo in her ass, showing off those nice cheeks in the process.

Three stunt cocks show up and explore her throat, but not for long…they right down to the fucking. She gets rotisseried in innumerable ways by the three stunt cocks.

There is some funny dialogue with the cocksmen trying to give her instructions and coreograph apparently complex aspects of 3- and 4-way fucking.

Basically, Chrissy turns her deep crack into a penis parking garage taking each load in her mouth and swallowing all three loads like a protein addict.

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