Club Dom - Alexis Fawx - Roadside Assistance

Goddess Alexis Fawx and Dava Foxx use the old broken down car trick to catch a fuck boy, They pull off to the side of the road and flag down some dude in a truck, He thinks he is gods gift to woman as he takes his shirt off and takes a look at their car, And tells them he can give them a ride that their motor is shot, Goddess Dava pricks him with her love needle and he faints, the ladies drag him and throw him in the back of his truck and take him back to ClubDom and have him restrained in a fiddle holding his neck and hands, They then produce a syringe with a blue fluid and inject his balls as he screams then tell him if he cums twice within the hour a chemical reaction will take place turning his balls into little shriveled up raisins rendering them useless. Then the sexy Doms start to tease him playing with each others full breasts and kissing knowing he is getting hard, Then they proceed to milk the filth right from his slut sacks feeding him every last drop, Alexis states well there is the first load lol

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