Czechstreets - Episode 96

Hello there, my friends. My latest expedition in the streets of Prague took me to a pub in Podoli. I invited one lovely puppy for a drink and in reward she threw her glass at me.
Luckily there was the most beautiful waitress in Prague to cheer me up. You can stop for a visit anytime, her name is Veronika and you will recognize her, a stunning brunette with amazing tits. All I needed was 15 grand and she was on her knees. She would fuck anyone, especially for money. She dragged me into a closet room and there she fucked me hardcore. She came and I jizzed all over her panties!!! I can still see those amazing tits of her. Have fun, my friends.

After having seduced teh waitress, the guy convince her for money to get into the bar’s backroom. There, he starts to rub her tits, then drop them out , the girl starts to unzip his pants and starts to suck his cock, after a good suck , she gets off her jeans and sits on a chairbar and move her panty to get fuck on a standing misionay position. Then after the guy lies on the floor and the girl rides him in front riding position, they decide to swap position to reverse riding while swapping she sucks his cock a little. Then they return to the first position the guy cannot hold it anumore and unloads on her panties in that position.

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