Name of actress: Katrina Jade
Number of website: 22987
Subsite and website:

Year of production: 2017.
Genre: Big Ass, Black Hair, Blow Job, Brunette, Bubble Butt, Cum in Mouth, Deepthroating, Facial, Hand Job, Lingerie, Medium Tits, Natural Tits, Outie Pussy, Petite, Shaved
Duration: 00:51:23

Hotwifing can be a btich sometimes. Especially when she is fucking and sucking a new dick every damn day. Such is the case with Katrina Jade, hotwife extraordinare her husband Mike, who’s getting a wee bit of tired of hearing her talk about all the new cum pouring out of her pussy each day. So he takes her to the therapist who hypnotizes her. But the hypnosis was created an inverse reaction, because Katrina finds herself banging down her therapist’s door at 6 a.m. To get his dick in her mouth! He’s already got morning wood, so he’s not gonna turn down those big natural tits and the fattest, juiciest ass that’s ever come to his home office! Patient-doctor confidentiality fucking rules!



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