Future anal lover – June

Mixed-race cutie June has a marketing degree from college and wants to run her own business one day, but she still has a lot to learn about making great first impressions and presenting herself. She walks in like it’s casual Friday at the office. But we can forgive all that when June turns out to be as sunny and warm as the month with the same name. She learned all about giving blowjobs from watching porn so we can’t wait to see what she picked up. Vince’s pants get tight when she confesses that she sometimes likes the taste of cum. But then June mentions she is open to trying anal and that’s pretty much what we focus on from then on out. As soon as she (somewhat hesitantly) gets naked, we have her masturbate, and then insert a butt plug. “Feels neat!” she smiles. At that point we KNOW we got ourselves a future anal lover. So how did the rest of June’s casting go? Well, if you like anal, and Asian-Euro girls with a next-door look doing it, you’ll love her um….”demo tape”. June takes to buttsex so well, Vince does it all the way until he blows his load inside her ass. June does ass to mouth, gives him a rimjob, and pretty much does everything else any ass-fan could hope for. Yay for June!

June has the typical BRCC interview she strips, bends at the waist and spreads her butt cheeks for the pussy ass inspection…..she passes inspection. She gets on the couch and a buttplug is put into her asshole. June masturbates with the buttplug in her butt then she sucks our stunt dicks cock. She gets pussy fucked in doggie with the buttplug in her as so technically a DP she sucks somemore dick then the buttplug comes out and the dick goes in. June is anally fucked doggie and only doggie with a creampie finish in her ass. She pushes the cum out of her butt and our stunt dick helps her out by fingering her asshole to get all the cum out.

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