GirlsDoPorn - E345

20 years old, works at a department store and is in school. After a mediocre BJ she takes the dick in missionary. She can barely handle the fat dick and actually screams around 18:20 which quickly turns into “oh my god’s” followed by heavy panting, light screaming then more OMG’s…. and screaming

Reverse cowgirl sees her reacting the same at around 22:20 the dick goes a little too deep and she has to stop in place for a second while still panting and screaming.

Now it’s onto the true test in doggy style. She has a look of ecstasy on her face at first and has to exclaim “holy fuck” to the camera. The screaming starts again as the pounding and digging gets harder and deeper.

The mid scene BJ sees her at a full 180 from the opening BJ and she hungrily shoves it in her mouth. Into cowgirl and we continue the OMG’s and the screams and the panting .This girl is annoying but wild and fun.

Scene ends with a thick facial and a cum kiss.



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