Beautiful Eyes Teen
I know you guys know those eyes of hers! That’s right, the girl we called the Beautiful Eyes Teen is back and is looking amazing once again as she shows up in her little red top and denim shorts…she had a great time making her very first adult video last time (E362) on Girls Do Porn and was ready for round two. As you may know, when a girl comes back for a repeat visit on GDP she is asked to push her boundaries a bit to keep things fresh and exciting…and this girl is about to get her first creampie!

She’s pretty excited and a little nervous about it too hahah. She reintroduces herself a little and then gets down on her knees…having been there once before she knows the drill and gets to work sucking that cock and of course she’s looking up with those stunning eyes so make sure you don’t miss that!

Soon she’s stripping down and man the memories of that tight sexy body of hers will come flooding back when you see her get naked; she is seriously incredibly hot…but then, that’s how Girls Do Porn operates, they have easily the hottest amateur chicks on the internet hands down, no exaggeration! This beautiful girl spreads her long slender legs getting that tight little pussy pounded on the bed, taking the guy to the hilt in her soft wet hole and moaning as she grabs hold of the sheets…she gets fucked deep and sure enough ends up with a load of cum oozing out of her perfect teen pussy for a nice sexy creampie ending!




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