Hypnotized by the landlady – Athena Rayne, Nadya Nabakova and Kendra James

Two friends have a rental house for an exciting weekend vacation… but nothing goes exactly the way that it was planned. The owners of the house have already booked out a weekend of activities for them, and have their ways of getting the enthusiastic agreement of the two young ladies…
The first girl gets hypnotized by the landlady, who brainwashes her completely (she slowly erases her will by speaking slowly). She makes her strip, something she does very slowly. Once they both are naked, she orders her to eat her pussy. The landlord comes to where both girls are, and once he arrives, the woman orders the girl to give his master a blowjob and later to let be fucked by him (in doggy style, while she is grabbing one side of the bed). She does both things without hesitation. The other girl arrives to the place and discovers the man fucking the girl. She tries to escape but the landlady blocks the exit, pushes her towards the wall and brainwashes her too. She tries to resist, but it is of no use.

With both girls brainwashed, he orderes them to have sex between them (they kiss each other, eat theirs pussies out and and afterwards he makes them let be fucked from behind (doggy style) and suck his dick (while one of the girls is sucking his dick, the other licks the pussy of her friend. They do the same when they are fucked from behind).

One of the girls is fucked upwards while she is eating the pussy of the other one. Once they finish, the man fucks one of the girls over his lap, while the other masturbates watching them. They change positions aftewards, Meanwhile, the landlady masturbates watching the scene. Both girls are fucked from behind again, while they are grabbing one side of the bed. They are ordered to suck the guys dick and the scenes finishes with the guy cumming over both girls.

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