Isabella Clark's Asshole gets Publicly Fisted
Isabella Clark’s ass is like a black hole that swallows everything within its gravitational pull. Before a rowdy crowd of horney spectators, Isabella’s buts swallows cock after cock. When one cock was not enough for her gaping hole, Isabella pulls open her cheeks to take the impending double anal. Like a true ass whore, Isabella moans with pleasure as two cock are jammed up her stretched butthole. After her double anal penetration, Isabella’s rectum gapes open as if it were mocking Frank Gun’s inability to satiate its hunger. Frank rolls up his sleeves as he accepts the challenge in front of him. With little effort and minimal lube, Frank shoves his entire fist down into Isabella’s bowels. As Isabella’s sphincter clenches around the base of Frank’s forearm, he repeatedly punches into Isabella till she writhes with pleasure and the crowd goes wild. Another public disgrace fantasy fulfilled

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