Jayden Cole, Jaye Summers - The New Model
Ms. Cole is the strictest art teacher Jaye has ever had, so she’s extra nervous to hand in her exam a week late. Ms. Cole refuses to grade the exam until Jaye says she’ll do anything. As luck would have it Ms. Cole needs a nude model for her next class! Jaye isn’t sure at first, but when Ms. Cole instructs her to get naked her pussy gets wet. Ms. Cole tells Jaye to stay perfectly still while she pays with her teen body, even as the next class files in for their lesson. Turns out this art teacher is a horny lesbian with a thing for shy students!

Ms. Cole inspects her student’s pussy and starts licking her. Jaye goes down on all fours and gets penetrated from behind with a large toy, complemented by Ms. Cole tongue playing with her asshole. She feeds the toy to Jaye into her mouth and Jaye masturbates while Ms. Cole gets undressed down to her lingerie. Jaye gets her pussy licked and tits sucked. They switch and Ms. Cole gets her asshole cleaned by the tongue of her young student. She also gets penetrated with fingers and a toy. They engage in tribbing with some feet-play.

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