Jordan Kennedy - Exhaust That Ass
Jordan is a phat ass white girl with a bit of attitude but Nat knows exactly how to handle girls like her. He holds her face close to his bulging boxer shorts so she can get the scent of his black cock and balls. She can’t help but shove her face in his crotch to get more and that’s it: the bratty teen is turned into a submissive slut for big black cock. Jordan gets on her knees and proclaims her love for his cock while sucking it. He takes of her top and hot pants and commands her to get on all fours and stick her white booty high up in the air so he can fuck her pussy from behind. Next it’s time to show of her cowgirl bouncing skills before some more doggy style almost fucks her off the couch. He cums in her mouth and she keeps on sucking to get every last drop of his cum, then he says goodbye by slapping her face with his black cock.

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