Karlee Grey , Levi Cash - I Have A Wife

Karlee Grey is trying to seduce her sister’s husband, Levi, with her cooking skills. When that doesn’t work she ends up using her best asset instead: her body. Levi definitely can’t resist that. After pulling him close a few times and Levi’s attempts to resist have finally failed, the two kiss before Karlee gets on the counter and sprays some whipped cream on her pussy for him to lick. He licks it up and gives her a fingering, then she sprays more whipped cream on her breasts for him to lick as well. He gets on the counter and she uses her breasts to stroke his manhood. She follows this with a blowjob that includes deepthroating and attention to his balls. Next they have intercourse in different positions including cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, and missionary with oral action mixed in. After the intercourse, Karlee sucks and strokes Levi which leads to an open mouth facial.

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