Luna Star - Ass Hats

The first shot has her seat leaning on one side with both cheeks facing out to us. Luna is wearing another of the cool sky blue Evil Angel shirt. There is some good early ass shots with the view up close. The blue jean shorts were skin tight showing a lot of ass cheekage. Luna starts to get naked and we first see both her boobs come out. Francesca can’t resist leaning in to cop a feel. This is followed by Miss Le’ staying in front and dropping down to lick her friends ass hole. Mark says hey I want some and turns the camera over so he can get a few licks in. We’ve seen the shot a few times now but it always works as Mark slides underneath allowing Luna a slightly bumpy seat for her ass! Luna then gets in some enthusiastic head while Mark reaches down to tingle her ass hole. Brisk fucking in doggie and mish help heat the scene up with P2M from Luna. She rides his face a short time before sliding down onto his cock for the ride in reverse. The scene closes strong with an open mouth pop for Luna to taste.




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