Mila Marx, Tyler Steel

Mila first appears in a top and booty shorts, then removes them to reveal her bikini. There’s plenty of focus on her backside as she makes her way to the pool. Before they get to the pool she does some booty shaking, and when they get to the pool, she twerks, wiggles, and smacks her own butt while in the water. She grabs some oil and covers butt with it, followed by more jiggling. Soon Tyler joins the scene and gets a feel of her backside, he thumbs her anus, then she oils her breasts. Once she removes her bikini and bends over, he adds more oil and does some anal fingering for a bit. She gives him a blowjob which includes deepthroating action, then she mounts and rides him to begin intercourse where they go through different positions, both vaginal and anal, including cowgirl, doggy, spoon, and missionary which is the final position before he gives her an anal creampie, then shoots the rest of the load on her backside.

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