Missa X - Virgin Sister Gets Blackmailed

Dear Diary,

I haven’t been writing to you lately. I’ve been trying not to “be such a little girl” like my sister tells me. I’ve been going out with my friends, and I even tried a sip of alcohol last week, it was just a sip! My sister has been encouraging me to go out to nightclubs with her and live life to the fullest. I’m 18 now, so I guess she’s right, I am still a virgin, or I was.. I hope writing out what happened will help me make sense of it all. I don’t know if I can tell a soul what happened to me.

I was sleeping Friday night and I was having a sex dream, I’ve still been watching naughty videos on the computer, and losing my virginity in my dreams. I’m such a heavy sleeper, I didn’t know that my brother snuck into my room and starting kissing my body and undressing me. I was dreaming of a man kissing my nipples, caressing my body while he looked into my eyes and we made love. My pussy was so wet for the man in my dreams, he thrusted in and out of me. The sex was wet, painful and tremendously pleasurable at the same time. I had my first orgasm! I woke up and saw redness and a white fluid inside of me. I was so confused, my neck ached, I went to the mirror and saw– bite marks! Is this cum my own? Did I sleep walk and have sex? Did it happen?! I clean up to talk to my sister.

I couldn’t tell her this happened to me, so I lied and told her it happened to a friend. My sis responds to this insane story with, “Sounds like a drunk fuck, babe.” She thinks she should go out with me, to keep an eye on me. I get mad and embarrassed that she thinks I was so careless as to get drunk and have sex, I storm off. She rolls her eyes, she is used to my temper tantrums.

That night I decide to sleep with the lights on. I keep my cell phone, as usual, on the nightstand ready to call for help. I fall asleep after a couple of worrisome hours and my brother creeps in. I am dreaming of a man with his strong hand rubbing my pussy mound, I moan with pleasure, he slips his thick finger inside of me, I gasp, and then another, and I force myself to wake up. I am awake, there IS a hand inside of my panties, I look behind me, it’s my brother!

He clasps his hand over my mouth and we both hear my sister at the other side of the door. *Knock, knock* “Brianne? Brianne? Everything, ok?” He whispers to me, “tell her you saw a mouse.” He takes his fingers and thrusts them in and out of me, and I feel my hips buck against his hand to feel them deeper. I moan, gasp, and he can feel the warm air over his hand pressed tightly against my mouth. It feels so good, it’s so wrong, but I’ve never been this excited, scared, and desperate to see what will happen next.





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