Missy Woods - Black Listed
Missy Woods, a curvy blond with pretty blue eyes and an appealing set of curves, was up next with Jon Jon and Sean Michaels. This was the 24 year olds second scene with black men, the Texan stating she was fulfilling all her fantasies in between the usual propaganda about interracial. Sean was confusing nationalities with race and Missy commented on how anyone not wanting to see white gals getting DP’ed by black guys are liars (I’m not a fan of DP’s with any race) but once the trash talking was over, it was pretty fun. This was her first black dick in her ass (and subsequently her first black DP), the heart shaped backside drawing a lot of attention from the guys. They warmed her up with caresses and oral and she reciprocated with blowjobs (though only handling a few inches of their pipes). The men then took turns poking her pussy and ass as she squealed in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she blew the other one. Jon took awhile to get fully erect but Sean was rock hard from the get go, Missy actively riding during the vaginal material but far more passive during the anal and DP. There was taste testing and a stream of male commentary here as she moaned, jerking out their nuts of population pudding to her face before she provided some post coital head (Vince calling her a “Texas Tramp” with her response being “Yee Haw motherfucker!

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