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Olivia Fox, Pressley Carter - Wetter The Better

While Presley was at home reminiscing and writing in her journal, she started to think about her sexual experiences. She had really fond memories of her first time with a woman. Mrs. Fox was Presley’s friends mom, an older successful powerful woman. This was an incredible turn on for Presley who felt like pleasuring and touching herself just thinking about that afternoon she spent with Mrs. Fox. It started innocent enough with them discussing their sex lives but soon changed into something different as Mrs. Fox started feeling her up while they spoke. Before long, she had convinced Presley to give it a try and they went right for it. Mrs. Fox taught her all kinds of new tricks and even showed her how to eat pussy and bury her tongue right in her ass. Dont miss one second of this hot MILF showing this hot rookie all the ropes.

Pressley and Olivia starts making out on the couch and the young girl enjoys touching the older womans big tits. Olivia puts her hand down her young friend’s pantyhose and fingers her. Pressley sucks Olivia’s big tits and goes down on her. Olivia fingers Pressley some more and they both taste her fingers afterwards. Pressley licks Olivia’s pussy and asshole, followed by tribbing. Olivia rips up Pressley’s pantyhose to get a better feel and view of that young pussy. They continue to rub their pussies together and then Olivia eats and fingers Pressley for a good while, including rimming. They switch as Pressley eats Olivia’s asshole while rubbing her clit and scene wraps with some kissing.

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