Rapture and Savannah Fox – I'll Show You What Kind of School this

Rapture is a substitute yoga instructor at a private school, and her student, Savannah, is late as usual. When Savannah finally shows up for class, Rapture scolds her for being late, but Savannah has a surprise for Rapture. She pulls up her skirt to reveal a large strap-on. Rapture is beside herself & asks Savannah why she has that underneath her skirt, and demands to know what kind of school this is. Savannah tells her that she’ll show her what kind of school this is, and forces the dildo into Rapture’s mouth. Rapture struggles & protests, but Savannah doesn’t care. She just keeps laughing & shoving the dick into her mouth deeper. Next, she pulls down Rapture’s yoga shorts & decides to fuck her properly with her strap-on. Savannah does this for a bit, in a few different positions, until she feels that Rapture has had enough.

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