Rapture, Gia – Definitely Not Daniel
Rapture is lying on her bed waiting for Daniel to come over & massage her sore muscles, but Gia is planning a sexy prank, instead. She knocks on the door, and thinking that it’s Daniel, Rapture tells her to come in. Gia quietly sneaks in, and places her strap on onto Raptures ass. She rubs the penis on Rapture, then smacks her ass with it. Startled, Rapture turns around to see Gia. Gia continues to rub Rapture & to hump her butt with the strap on. Rapture gets into it, and soon forgets all about Daniel. The girls change positions, and Gia places the strap on into Rapture’s mouth. Rapture sucks Gia’s cock until it cums all over her.

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