Rikki Rumor, Jade Jantzen - Whipping their suspended victim
Rikki Rumor & Jade Jantzen wearing her sexy latexoutfits (black pants & red corsages,but one of them had a red transparent net-top)),with highheeled stiletto-/ and ridingboots (one red kneehigh and the otherone overknee black) enter the dungeon where their nacked slave is waiting bound by his arms and with a chain on both ankles and a dogcolar around his neck and the blonde(Jade, i think) shortly starts trashtalking and whipping his backwith o ‘nine tails whip while redhead Rikki starts teasing his front and cock with a magic wand, so he is torn between pleasure and pain Jade whipps him harder and harder and both ladies laughing and his back goes red and even more red, while Rikki is still teasing him with the vibrator and he is squirming and wiggling in pain, but he cant escape then Jade a single tail whip and continue her work on his back, what makes him struggling and squirming even more till we see the first bloody wippingmarks on his back and the ladies inspect and comment them while they changing positions and “weapons”, and now it`s Rikki`s time for whipping and Jade tease him after a while they order him to count the whipstrokes and after count “10” the ladies change positions and “weapons” a secound time but Jade is even more cruel then Rikki. After next count 10 Jade gives him a little rest from whipping and start teasing his back with her fingernails while Rikki is still teasing his now hardon with the vibrator but after a short time Jade continue to whipping him and Rikki stars teasing him with a whip with Feathers, so he switches again between pain & pleasure and moves back(by pleasure from teasing with the featherwhip by Rikki) and forth (by pain from Jades singletailwhip on his back) He squirms and contorts the face in pain but never cant escape and had to thanks his mistress for the pain to the end we see the mistresses inspect and comment the whippingmarks on his back again and scratching him with her fingernails over his back and humilating him by Dirtytalk and leaving him in his pain

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