Scarlet Red, Alice Lighthouse - Net Skirts

Scene begins with sisters Scarlet & Katy talking about their family’s financial woes. They are worried they might even lose the house. Scarlet brings up the Net Skirts kissing contest for women ( and I did a mental fist pump knowing kissing was going to be an emphasis again). Katy asks if Scarlet will enter and learns its only for girls. They both declare their straight identities although it seems Scarlet at least has already got a partner in mind, her best friend Alice. Katy agrees to ‘take one for the team’ as long as they can find her a partner.Later on Alice is over and Scarlet explains how they are 8,000 in debt. She brings up the contest and the 20,000 in prize money. They are sipping wine and trying to work up the courage but Alice is surprisingly cavalier. She says that they should probably head to the bedroom to practice in quiet. Alice kisses Scarlet seated on the bed. They start slow and easy as Scarlet gets more comfy with the idea. Alice holds her friend’s hands saying she wants to hear Scarlet declare her love and mean it. We see a little more tongue in a good close up shot and Scarlet begins to start really enjoying herself.Scarlet bares her breasts for Alice who moves to kiss and lick them lightly. This gets Scarlet going and soon wants to return the favor. Alice’s dress comes off while they are still making out and Scarlet buries her face in Alice’s cleavage. She sucks both tits in turn when the bra comes off.Alice goes back to sucking Scarlet’s boobs for a moment. There is good close ups here. They kiss more and both babes lose their panties. Alice is seated behind Scarlet so she can kiss her over her shoulder. Scarlet is the first to to lay down and Alice wastes no time falling to eat her out. You can see Alice’s pretty smile as she happily licks with her tongue stuck out. They kiss more and trade spots so Alice is on her back, legs spread, and one raised in the air. Scarlet eats her like this. Alice rocks a little to add motion to it. They kiss more as Scarlet sets up for a trib grind. She holds Alice’s leg to keep steady and grinds to an orgasm. Still on top Scarlet favors Alice’s breasts and lips with more kisses. Scarlet repositions so she is on her knees with her ass up for Alice who immediately moves in to finger her from behind. There is a decent finger penetration shot before Alice starts licking Scarlet’s pussy, although Scarlet’s response doesn’t really kick up until Alice works her over with both of her hands at once. The two kiss more and swap positions again so that Alice is bent over with her head on the pillow. The camera zooms in and we see Scarlet’s finger slide inside Alice. She spits a little for some added wetness and eats and rubs her partner alternatively. I wanted the close up to last longer, but it went to more of a standard side view as most of the work gets done.
Alice turns over and Scarlet advances on her with more kisses to the lips, neck, & chest. Scarlet pins her down again won’t all the kisses and swings a leg over for another round of tribbing that is hard and fast. I liked seeing Alice’s toes curl on the foot that was held aloft by Scarlet. Scarlet then climbs on Alice’s face for a ride. We see the best up close tongue to pussy contact here as Alice chows down. Scarlet dismounts saying ‘oh my god’ and kisses Alice cradling her head in a sweet embrace. They stare at each other smiling. Their kisses are assured and hungry now. And Alice tells Scarlet that she’s perfect. The friends hold hands sweetly and Scarlet kisses Alice’s hand in the final moments of the scene. This was yet another nice scene with constant kissing – as advertised in the setup. In comparison to the other scenes thus far it seemed shorter. I think perhaps the quick position changes seemed to accelerate things. But that said the breast sucking close ups stood out. I hadn’t seen Alice Lighthouse prior to this but I was certainly encouraged by her attitude for focused cunnilingus both in her first trip between Scarlet’s legs early in the scene and later when she feasted while Scarlet rode her face. The camera angles and closeness in these were among the best in the encounter. The faceride also competed with the hard and fast tribbing by Scarlet that directly preceded it for my favorite moment included.

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