Scissorvixens - Sablique's CRUSH CAM

Tall long-legged 6′ Amazon and sexy-as-hell Sablique Von Lux returns to for more brutal scissor action including rib-busting body scissors! Sablique Von Lux is quite the striking figure when you see her in person because she easily towers over most men when she’s wearing high heels (and even when she’s not) and when we picked her up at the bus station we had no problem finding her in the crowd.

In fact…we weren’t the only ones to notice her. As hard to believe as it may be she couldn’t wait to tell us about the young baggage handler who looked at her and said…”Wow…I love your long legs and would LOVE for you to wrap those around me and squeeze!”.

Of course he couldn’t possibly know just how prophetic his comment was as she told him…”I squeeze the daylights out of men like you for a living and that’s exactly where I’m heading to now!”.

She was also kind enough to give the gentleman the link to our website so he could check it out and know she was telling the truth and told him to contact her if he wants to make his fantasy a reality.

Sablique is also an experienced cam model and knows how to perform for her cam customers. She knows what they want and what they like to see but often it’s not what is allowed according to Drew the cam manager.

So when he walks in on Sablique during one of her live cam shows scissoring a pillow between her thighs he immediately tells her that’s not the kind of performance he allows and to get back to what she’s supposed to be doing…playing with her vibrating ‘toys’.

But Sablique decides to have a little fun and give her live cam customer a much better show. Instead of squeezing the pillow she’s going to CRUSH Drew right in front of him one scissor hold after the other!

Sablique’s legs are endlessly long and there is absolutely no escape from their reach.

Once she pulls you in and locks you up it’s all over!

And over it is for Drew when Sablique’s cam customer offers to pay her a few hundred extra dollars if she knocks him out cold!

So check out GORGEOUS Amazon Sablique Von Lux destroy Drew in ‘Sablique’s CRUSH CAM!’.

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