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Connor mind control 3 beautiful bitches

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Mila Jade,Alexis Adams, Alvin Tan, Ryan Mclane – mesmeric powers (part2)

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In part 2, Miri (Mila Jade) and her boyfriend (Alvin Tan) come to Doctor Michaels for help with their relationship problem... he wants sex a lot more than she does. Fortunately, Doctor Michaels i...

Daphne’s Fantasies – The Unicorn

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Christie Stevens, Cassidy Banks, Donnie Rock Unsuspecting girl is comming to look at the apartment - apartment with suprisingly many beds - she did not know it is already to late for her to run - so...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Intake 2

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Starring: Lexi Lowe, Siannan Haiman, Henri Tisserand Leslie is an interior decorator… and isn’t looking for a job, certainly not as someone’s secretary. But a chance encounter near an office buildin...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Cafe Society

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Starring: Daphne Rosen, Wendy Wild, Virginia, Mickey Mod Eric the barista has been trying to get India to go out with him, but she doesn’t date coworkers. Of course, if the coworker is a chem major ...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Doctor Laurel, Part 3

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In part 3’s exciting conclusion, Laurel works on the programming of one of the cheerleaders of her nemesis, Doctor Michaels… but whose side is the patient really on? For that matter, who’s side is an...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Doctor Laurel, Part 2

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In part 2, Doctor Laurel is summoned to help interrogate a very recalcitrant prisoner. In no time, Laurel has her attitude adjusted, and ready to cooperate totally… with anything. Brooklyn Chase hyp...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Doctor Laurel, Part 1

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Mind Control Theatre is proud to announce the release of a three-part miniseries. Brooklyn Chase returns to us at Doctor Laurel, a therapist with a very… special way of inducing a trance in her patients ...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Beta Test – Lexi Lowe, Trillium

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Two women dressed as maids discuss how they got that way. Ryan Mclane is shown implanting Lexi Lowe with a chip, then fucking her in several scenes. Lowe calls her friend Trillium, whom the pair quickly ...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Process

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Starring Helena Astley * Eleanor Markham She’s been having these strange dreams over and over again, about a man using her sexually… a man whose face she can’t even see. Her therapist can help her, of...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Trainee

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Laura (Lexi Lowe) comes to visit her friend Cynthia (Cherie DeVille) who has big news... she's learning to be a therapist! She went to visit a specialist in helping busty women with back pain. and ever...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Intake

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Daphne's Fantasies is back with a new offering, Intake. When Clara goes in for a new job interview, everything seems normal at first, until the interviewer has her take a rather intrusive online applic...

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