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Miami Mean Girls-THE MEAN GIRLS A Shocking Lack Of Self Control – Goddess Harley

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Really I just like attaching an electric dawg collar to a guys balls for fun. But today I am trying an experiment. I will spit into my slaves mouth then I will make him hold all the tons of spit and ...

Goddess Harley – Home Improvement Slavery

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Sometimes "slaves" out there get confused. You think you are a "slave" when really you just want your fetish fulfilled. You know what REAL slavery is? Doing WHATEVER you are told by your GODDESS- no ...

Goddess Harley – Beating The Closet Slave

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I command my new slave to get his ass out of the closet so I can get some fun in my videos today. I have been filming POV videos for a couple hours and finally decided to get to the best part. Someho...