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Vanessa Veracruz, Jenna Sativa – But I’m Straight

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Lately Jenna has been having problems with her boyfriend. He takes forever to call her back and never responds to her texts. Worried he might be losing interest in her, Jenna decides to send some...

Girlsway – Kendra Lust & Vanessa Veracruz – The Landlady

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Vanessa Veracruz is a stand-up landlady, when she rented the apartment to Kendra Lust she expected her to be a responsible tenant but from what she hears from the neighbors, Kendra throws sex parties a...

Kendra Lust and Vanessa Veracruz – Dream Pairings Vanessa & Kendra – Girlsway

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If things couldn't get any harder, Vanessa Veracruz is invited to her uncle's wedding having to leave her lesbian girlfriend behind due to the family's catholic values and the fact that homosexuality...