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Tiffany Watson - Burning Desire
Housekeeper Tiffany Watson had just finished putting a loaf of bread in the oven when she decided to find her boss Stallion for a quick flirt. She couldn’t believe her luck when she caught him in the shower! Tiffany marveled at the size of Stallion’s big black cock as it loomed large beneath the water. But her lust wasn’t the only thing on fire! By the time she got downstairs, her bread was burned to a crisp. When Stallion asked about the smoke, Tiffany leapt in the way and found herself immediately grabbing at the cock she wanted so badly. Easily seduced, Stallion carried his hot young blonde maid to the couch and allowed her to unleash his cock, which she worshiped in her mouth and deep inside her shaved pussy. The bread may have been ruined, but both Tiffany and Stallion were glad the morning turned out to be so smoking hot!

She sucks his cock on the couch and he returns the favor by pulling her panties to the side and eating her shaved pussy. They start fucking in a sideways position, that turns into a missionary and viennese oyster position while Tiffany rubs her clit. A little pussy-to-mouth blowjob goes down before they continue fucking in doggy, lap dance position/reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. She sucks him some more and he jerks himself off on her face with a massive facial.

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