Beautiful Aidra is one hot law student who is at the top of her game. Unfortunately her studies are expensive, and she’s having trouble keeping up. She visits a website that promises hot sugar daddies with enough money to keep her up to date with her fees, and all she needs to do is keep them happy. With a hot body and stunning looks, she could be on to a winner. However, when she gets there, the other girl who should be accompanying her has cancelled. So now there is just her and two hot businessmen to keep occupied. Is there enough of sexy Aidra go go round?
Aidra is fondled, gets a cunnilingus and gives them a double blowjob with handjob and deep throat. Then they fuck in threesome, in different positions, including doggy style, cowgirl, missionary, reverse cowgirl, The scene ends with a pussy creampie and a cumshot in her mouth.




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