Alice March, Jojo Kiss, Nickey Huntsman and Shane Blair - My First Pledge

The scene starts with Jojo, Alice, Nickey and 2 other girls talking about how their new member to their gang will look like. She, Shane, was very late to their meeting/audition. When she finally came in the house, she was trash talked, how ugly makeup she was wearing, her cheap clothes etc. Shane had to go through several tests to get into the gang. Kissing test, touching pussy test – unfortunately for her she failed all off them and was about to get send out of the house. But she had one last chance! The ass licking test, and she finally got all three correct! Jojo, Alice and Nickey wanted to reward Shane for finally getting something correct, they started fingering her, which later on turned into a human train of asslicking girls and then into a roundabout. The scene ends with that Shane gets the honour to be in the gang!

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