Lily has come over to visit her best friend Esther, who is getting ready to bake a cake in the kitchen. Lily is dressed in her finest evening-wear, because she is about to go to a fancy party. She is excited because it is her first date with a new boyfriend, and so she is very proud of the fact that she looks so exquisite. So you can imagine the rage she feels when Esther accidentally spills some dough on her nice dress. Now Lily canâ??t go to the party! When Lily starts yelling at Esther, Esther retaliates by splattering her with whipped cream. After all, since she canâ??t go to the party now, and Esther has lost most of her cooking ingredients â?? then she might as well turn Lily into the cake! What follows is a wild food orgy that will leave neither of the girls dry or clean. Starring Nika and Tyna.




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