Angela White, AJ Applegate
“In matching blue swimsuits that accentuate our curves, A.J. Applegate and I dance and caress each other in a tease sequence that will leave you breathless. I start out solo, tempting you with big tits that spill out over my bikini top. As A.J. comes outside to meet me, the camera follows her perfect booty which jiggles and shakes with every step. If you aren’t already hypnotised by our voluptuous bodies, you will be enamoured with the way we look at each other and the passion behind every kiss. A.J.’s long, hard nipples are so much fun to play with but I am quick to dive into her amazing ass. I slide my tongue deep inside her butthole while my fingers work her pussy. A.J. returns the favour with an expert tongue which I straddle and ride until I collapse on top of her. We lick, suck, finger, grind and fuck until we are a sweaty mess”

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