I’m going to throw down the gauntlet here and declare that Carter Cruise might just be the best kisser. Ever. Her kisses are firm enough to convey her passion while her silky lips and tongue are reminiscent of soft serve ice cream. We don’t rush the foreplay in this update: teasing each other mercilessly before we are allowed to cum. Carter is very responsive to having her nipples licked and sucked and her moans are so damn sexy. Carter gets to all of my weak spots with those perfect lips of hers: my neck, my feet, the crease behind my knees and the sensitive skin right before my thigh meets my cunt. She digs her nails into my flesh and scratches up my body as she laps at my pussy with her warm tongue. I return the favour; sliding my tongue deep inside her asshole while my fingers work her pussy. I love the way Carter’s entire body rocks and arches as she approaches climax. But all of the orgasms are a bonus for me. I would be just as satisfied with a never-ending make-out session with Carter

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