Ava Austen, Chelsey Lanette - Office Bullies
tony comes to the office and start wraping a package /gift/present)for his girlfriend as the two Amazones enter the office too and start to humilate him by asking him things like “whith how manygirls you had sex…… them they lift him up by his neck and then left him down and starting to strip him. and starting to stroke his pecker and blow him. Next chelsey says he had now the chance to fuck her, and drops her pants down and sit on the table with wide opend legs and tease him, while Ava take his dick in her hand and rubs it at Chelsey`s pussy till he precums a little and stick it in her pussy, and forcing him to fuck her missionary by moving his hips back and forth with her hands and her own hips standing behind him, and pulling him by his hairs too. After some time Chelsey like to change position and bend over the desk and Ava take his dick and push it again into Chelsey`s pussy now for a standing Doggystyle and moving him back and forth again till he cums on Chelsey`s ass. with some more humilation and a hard barehanded slap on his still throbing dick the “Ladies” leave him in his “pain”

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