Where do I begin? I knew from the minute I heard that we were going to shoot on some remote island off of South Beach that this shoot was going to be memorable. I was right! These girls were unique creatures. There’s nothing better that big ass, sex hungry, Miami girls. Something about them screams fun. For JT and Jack Venice I’m sure it was a hell of a time. These lucky bastards got to fuck three big booty chicks bareback. These girls demanded it. They knew how to get down. Since these girls were so hot. I explored the girl’s asses for a long while. I made sure to get the best shots for all you fans. You guy’s will be pleased, I’m sure. So all three girls gave vigorous blowjobs. Of course, there was a lot of cock sharing amongst the girls. A lot of making out over the cock and sharing spit. Tasty!!! Top notch shit!! The boys went deep into those pussy’s making the girls holler. Always great! One of the girls gets a cumshot on her ass, then all three girls share a facial by JT and they made out with the jizz in their mouth. Featured positions include cowgirl, doggy, and side with plenty of oral and lesbian action throughout. This scene was originally released 2.5.2007 as ‘Bare Back ASS’ for Ass Parade.

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