Bare Back Studios - Dava Foxx, Cory Chase - Chasing White Tails

Scene One: Who humiliates who

You’re mom Dava and her friend Cory sit down to gossip. It’s been so hot outside lately that they are wearing as little as possible to fight the heat. Cory’s white thong hangs out of her tight jean shorts as she talks. You stare at her underwear and ass while she talks and Cory catches you. What a pervert Dava says. Cory tells the story of her and her step daughter to Dava’s amazement.

If he’s going to watch me like that, why don’t we give him a bit of a show Cory says. She rubs her hands on Dava’s legs and Dava reluctantly agrees. They talk to you, touching each other and giving you the show of a life time. Kissing, Cory gets on top of Dava and shows off her thong. They slowly strip each other, talking to you about how much you love watching them. They lick their breasts and tongue each others asses and pussies. Do you know what 69 is? they ask you and you eyes pop out of your head.

Scene Two: Do you want to join?

Are you ready for this? Dava asks. The girls kiss watching you take off your clothes. You lay on the bed and touch your mom’s soft breasts. Do you like when she sucks on mommy’s nipples? she asks you. They suck on you next. Dava can’t believe she’s sucking her own son, wrapping her fingernails around your cock and stroking you into her mouth.

You may want to sit on it before he blows his load Cory says. Dava slides you into her warm tight pussy and you’re too horny to stop her. She rubs her hairy pussy, bouncing up and down moaning. That’s a good boy Dava tells you when you get on top of her and thrust your cock all the way inside her. Cory plays with your mom and encourages you to fuck her. Dava cums hard on your cock and screams as you fill her pussy with warm cum. Look at that sticky mess Cory says kissing Dava.
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