Bella Skye was working out with her boyfriend Peter when Mrs. Summers came waltzing in to also use the gym. Peter heard a bunch of rumors about how Mrs. Summers loved to seduce her stepdaughter’s friends. Her sexual appetite was so voracious it didn’t matter to her whether they were boys or girls. She overheard them talking about her and waited for her opportunity to approach Bella. Peter went over to work on his arms and that’s when she struck. She eased her way over to the door and nonchalantly locked it. She told Bella she would show her what Peter was talking about and began to grope her. Bella was a little taken aback but was really enjoying her sultry, soft touch. She couldn’t believe how much she succumbed to her advances! Peter walked in and was shocked beyond belief! Luckily for everyone involved he was way more turned on about the whole ordeal than he was shocked and they all enjoyed each other’s bodies. After they pleasured each other Mrs. Summers made them promise to keep it from her stepdaughter and if they proved to be trustworthy enough then perhaps they could do it again some time. Something tells me their lips will be sealed to ensure they get another sex tutorial from an extremely attractive and experienced MILF.

India exposes the breast of her shy step-daughter Bella and starts kissing them, moving up to kissing her upper lips while fingering her lower set of lips. She removes Bella’s shorts and starts licking her pussy. Bella’s boyfriend is now excited and India sucks his cock while Bella masturbates for a little while before she joins the cock sucking with her step-mom. Bella is bent over a exercise machine and gets fucked from behind under India’s supervision. She gets a taste of her step-daughters pussy by sucking the cock again. They switch positions and Bella sits on her boyfriends face while India gets to ride his cock in a sideway cowgirl position. The girls switch places, taking turns getting licked and fucked. India gets fucked in missionary while Bella plays with her tits. Bella gets a taste of her step-moms pussy as she sucks Peter’s cock before she gets fucked in missionary. Scene wraps with Peter cumming on Bella’s stomach and the girls kiss each other.

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