Danni is living a life of domestic servitude as Amadahy and Noe’s sissy, jane. They have gone out and left jane to clean the kitchen. The Princesses have made the rule that jane stay in her slut shoes at all times. Jane hates the shoes. They hurt her feet. While the Princesses are out, jane takes her shoes off. The Princesses return to find jane in her socks! Jane is confused. It might be dressed as a girl, but that does not make her a Princess! Jane says she shouldn’t have to do the chores. Amadahy pulls aside jane’s panties to reveal her chastity. Jane is not a Princess. She is a sissy slut and needs to be put back in her place. Amadahy makes the slut strut through the kitchen. Nobody is impressed. She’s clearly not a real girl. Amadahy explains to Noe that when you have a sissy that doesn’t know its place, you have to fuck the attitude out of them. Amadahy shoves jane up against the counter. She tells the slut that she’s going to wear its lipstick all over her cock. Noe keeps jane in the kitchen while Amadahy gets her strap on. They force jane to put her back up against the counter. Noe holds jane’s head while Amadahy fucks Jane’s mouth. Jane’s eyes well up with tears. Amadahy makes jane stand. She bends jane over the counter and examines her fuck hole. Jane’s chastity bobs as her ass cheeks are spread…




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