Amadahy spits on the strap on cock that sissy jane has just sucked. She commands jane to bend over the kitchen counter and present her ass. Noe gags jane with a lollypop while Amadahy enters her. Jane’s chastity bobs as Amadahy fucks her from behind. Amadahy plans the slut’s dates for the week while she fucks her. Noe sadistically giggles and holds jane’s head while she forces her to suck the lollypop. When the Princesses are done having their way with her, they make jane kiss their shoes. Noe puts the sweet back in jane’s whore mouth. Jane looks such a mess, and sucking things always seems to make her feel better. The Princesses leave. Jane sits against the counter and is very sad. She eats the lollypop and looks as though she might cry.




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