Charles is couch bound after having taken a little blue pill, so he summons a doctor for a house call. Dr. Preston is stunned by the size of her patient’s hard cock. She starts to slowly pump his dick to give him some relief, but he pulls back; he’s a married man and can’t do that to his wife, who is conveniently out of town. Dr. Preston is firm with her patient: either she takes care of his throbbing erection, or she takes him to the hospital. Dera knows it’s wrong, but he lets the hot doctor work her magic.
Chanel sucks his dick, wearing her doctors coat outside her red dress. They soon start fucking in reverse cowgirl and regular cowgirl on the couch. They blow and lick each other more before the female doctor is taken from behind. She gives him head again and move on to a missionary position. She sucks and strokes him off to finish, a load of cum on her face.

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