Grant wanted to show Sebastian (ed: who the fuck is Sebastian?) his stud skills before he made him feel it. He not only fucked Laura in front of him, but also made sure to let him know how good it feels – giving him a taste from the tip of cock!

Jasper didn’t think he’d get so turned on by just watching – but the proof is in the hard cock he sports from the very beginning! Grant brings out the submissive side out of Jasper, making him suck his dick over and over again.

Grant put on a good show with the coed, but at no moment did he forget about the hot blond he had at his disposal. Bending Jasper over he slides in doggy-style to loosen that tight hole. Then Jasper rides him as Grant drills up from underneath. It was Laura’s turn to get a show and she got it full with a double load finale – as both guys shoot their load at the same time!




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