Cum Swallowed And Piss Shower – Daynia

Violently horny nasty number, madness that was a pervert-wet affair, I’m still quite baffled! I was just doing my stretching exercises and then going to the gym when my cousin came to the bathroom. He was really horny on my tight leggings and when I had to go to the bathroom, he wanted to see me pissing in my leggings! I just let it run and a mega Pissflut came bubbled out. When my leggings and sneakers were totally wet, I blew his cock and he zerfickte me my fresh Pissfotze and then rammed his fat cock in my bespisstes asshole! He came so hard in my mouth cunt and when I swallowed the sperm went on the pee Schweinerei and he showered my face and my white sports bra with piss and the mouth piercings I got off I swallowed good. Do we also want to fuck piss off?

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