Daphne’s Fantasies is back with a new offering, Intake. When Clara goes in for a new job interview, everything seems normal at first, until the interviewer has her take a rather intrusive online application. The questions start to get very odd, but before long, the laptop has hypnotized her, allowing her interviewer to condition her, make her strip, present herself, and give him a blowjob. He has her dress again and return the next day for more conditioning.

She’s already affected the next day, showing up in a much sexier outfit, but he’s not done yet. He has his ‘assistant’ Marie come in when she starts to balk at the online interview, holding her tight until she’s hypnotized again. Before long, she’s been conditioned into an eager ‘personal assistant’ who can’t wait to strip and suck off her boss again. The movie ends as she gleefully accepts her new position as a company fuckdoll and celebrates with more oral worship.

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