Laura (Lexi Lowe) comes to visit her friend Cynthia (Cherie DeVille) who has big news… she’s learning to be a therapist! She went to visit a specialist in helping busty women with back pain. and ever since she started treatment with him, her back pain is completely gone. Of course, now Cynthia wants to become a hypnotherapist, is dating her hypnotist, and generally seems rather fixated on her therapy. And then she tries to practice on Laura. Laura claims she can’t be hypnotized, but is quickly put under. While she’s under, Cynthia makes out with her and conditions her to do anything someone says if they ask her “would you please…”

Soon enough, the hypnotist, Brent, appears, using the trigger phrase to make Laura strip and blow him. Cynthia reappears and makes Laura eat her out, and it turns into a threesome that ends when they leave for the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Cynthia and Brent discuss what they plan to do with Laura, whether sexbot, submissive, French Maid, or love slave, and they start to run through them. Sexbot and French Maid are quickly dismissed, but love slave seems to hit the spot, as the two girls take turns blowing and riding Brent, making out as he fucks them, and finally he cums onto Laura’s tits. Cynthia takes advantage and finalizes Laura’s conditioning, making Laura a love slave to both her and Brent. Seems like Brent has a second hypnosis trainee now

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