Another day in the taxi and the sun was shining, My next customer was a very attractive lady, she was dressed very smart and instantly I was aroused. As we were on our journey, she asked if I remembered her. I was a bit surprised as I don’t exactly go to church, so it must be from the taxi. She then went on to explain that we had a threesome with her boyfriend in the back of the taxi which helped jog my memory. With little time to waste, I offered her a front row seat to my cock if she had the time to spare. She agreed and it was time to get down and dirty. I pulled up in one of my little spots and I could not wait to get my hands all over her. She had some very distinctive tattoos and lovely pert tits. If I remember correctly, she also loved being fucked in the arse. This was going to be another good day in the taxi and I couldn’t wait to get started. The action begins with some anal fingering, followed by some cunnilingus. She returns the favor with a blowjob that includes deepthroating and attention to his balls. He wears a condom only for the first position which is vaginal missionary, then he goes bareback anal for the remaining positions including doggy, standing doggy, lap dance, jockey, and back to missionary where she is creampied.




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