Anina was a short petite woman with a lovely round ass that I immediately noticed when she first entered my office. She said she was up for all kinds of modelling work, including naked and solo shoots, but she didn’t want to work with other women. That was simply something she wanted to try in her personal life. I asked her to see her naked and at first she questioned me if that was normal. I assured her it was and she was soon standing naked in front of me as my eyes drank in her body. She looked very cute and beautiful, with a lovely ass and a cute pair of pert breasts. I could see she was a little nervous so I decided to start her off with her showing me her solo masturbation on the couch, as she had said she was up for doing these shoots. I watched as she played with her pussy and I couldn’t help but start touching myself also. Soon we were both masturbating together on opposite sides of the room. It wasn’t enough for me though and I decided to make her dream come true by showing her what sex with a woman was really like. I tasted her tight pussy with my tongue and I soon had an orgasm exploding out of her, coaxed out by my talented fingers. I needed to cum badly myself now, so I lay back and let her have her first taste of pussy. With some instruction she soon got the hang of it and I was quivering on the end of her tongue as my own orgasm consumed me. A great start to the day with a shy beauty, I love giving women their first lesbian experience.

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