In this scene Barbara arrives at the airport with her boss (she’s his secretary) and takes a taxi. He has to attend a meeting. During the ride the cab driver suddenly has to brake hard, so Barbara and her boss fall forward. While her boss attends the meeting, she waits in the taxi. She smokes a cigarette with the cab driver and proposes him to have a seat together in the back. The cab driver is really reluctant and is affraid her boss will come back soon, but finally she convinces him to sit with her in the back.

She then starts seducing him and takes out his cock. She sucks it for while and also takes out her big boobs. She then starts riding him. You can really see her nice voluptuous round ass in that position. They then switch to the doggystyle position. After that he fucks her sideways, you can then have a bit of a view of her hairy pussy. After a short blowjob they again swith to doggystyle. Finally he comes in her mouth. They then hurry to get their clothes back on, because her boss is coming back.

All the fucking takes place on the backseat of the taxi and during the whole scene they keep some of their clothes on. This scene is Czech spoken.

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